1. Beauty

From the recording Love, Sex & The Gospel

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Produced by Luminous & Cosmos Roinuj


Am I beautiful to you
Am I attractive to you
Am I enough for you
Can you love me

My beauty standards are Hollywood
My beauty standards give me hardy wood
Beautiful to you
Porn hub taught me what beauty is
Am I attractive
If beauty is fleety then booty is deceiving

Tell me
Do you feel beautiful when you're objectified
Can you love me
Do you still feel objectified if you want me too
Lomntwana ufuna isitho somzimba
Did the Jeen Yuhs marry his fantasy?
kodwa akafuni mina
Did he build a home with the girl from a magazine?
Did his erection make his choice for him?
Or maybe he knew she was the one for him?
Nguwe wedwa
I don't know

MY addiction is women
MY addiction is the pleasure I give them
my addiction is feeling
My addiction birthed my affliction
Your body my addiction
I Can't break free
My soul is conflicted
My soul is hurting
I distract me with my addiction
But my addiction will be my destruction